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This is a tumblr for the marriage pairing of Haine Rammsteiner and Badou Nails. Strictly: No hate. Some posts might be NSFW.
halbermonstern: "Hi! Your tumblr is really awesome! Lots of pictures I had never seen before, which is really cool! Quick question though, do you know any good place for Dogs fanfiction?? I've read tons of them and now I can't seem to find any good ones. Any ideas? Thanks~"

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! But thanks so much, I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. :)

To answer your question, I probably won’t be much help, but I can direct you to a few sites that I’ve read fanfiction on. Probably the best site to look for fanfiction on is the Dogs manga LJ. They have tons of fanfiction that people have posted! Another good site to check out, if you haven’t already is Fanfiction.net. We’ve posted a few fanfictions on this site, if you haven’t already read those. Other than that, I would just google ‘dogs: bullets and carnage fanfiction’ or if you’re wanting Haine/Badou, google for that. I just did a quick search and a lot of different personal LJ’s came up. I think that site would be your best bet, probably. :) Sorry I can’t be more help than that. I RP Dogs with my best friend, so I don’t really read fanfiction very often.

Thanks a lot for your question!

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;) Hi guys! I’m back~

Ahh, sorry about the long break, but I’ll resume occasionally updating this site again. I’m also back at my main/personal site as well. :’D So, look for me here, if you were following me before and were interested in following again!

But, tonight I’ll be posting some caps from the newer chapters :). So, please, look forward to that!

Thanks for your patience and thanks for continuing to follow this site. ♡

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